At Urban Catalyst our goal is to confront fear and violence with hope and love!

We desire to catalyze a global movement of peace and reconciliation among all peoples, promoting peace and understanding between cultures.

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Cultural Awareness Training 

Breaking the cycle of fear and violence starts with education.  At Urban Catalyst we promote peace and reconciliation by teaching cultural awareness classes and seminars. Our desire is to help people better understand one another focusing on the similarities and differences of our cultural perspectives.

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Humanitarian relief

Civil War and the rise of ISIS have displaced and victimized millions of men, women, and children across Syria and Iraq. Together with partner organizations we provide food, vital supplies, and dignity to refugee families who have left everything behind and made the harrowing Journey to safety in Jordan. Our humanitarian relief teams provide direct assistance to refugee families on the ground in Jordan, offering an olive branch of peace and providing hope in the midst of Crisis. We help to restore dignity to those who have lost everything, visiting them in their homes, letting them know they are not forgotten.

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Child Development For refugees in JOrdan

Since 2011 more than 6 million Syrian Children have been forced from their homes, fleeing war and violence with little more than the clothes on their backs. Without access to a quality education and loving environment where they are cared for, these children are at risk of long-term poverty, hunger, abuse, and exploitation.  Through “Restoring Hope” Urban Catalyst is helping to meet the needs of these children providing them with hope, and love in a safe, healthy environment.

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English Classes for Refugees in Houston

Language skills are an integral part of the assimilation process for refugees who are resettled in the United States. Since 2012 Urban Catalyst has provided low cost English classes for refugees in Houston through Prestige Learning Institute.


Refugee Services in Houston

Violence disrupts lives around the world, often forcing people to leave everything behind and restart in a new country as refugees. Most refugees spend years displaced in camps before getting the chance to resettle in another country like the United States. We partner with like-minded organizations in Houston to promote peace by helping refugee families resettle in Houston.