Overcoming Fear With Love


20150805-LESBOS-slide-ZG91-articleLarge.jpgOver the past few weeks, the picture of 3 year old Aylan Kurdi’s lifeless body washed up on a beach has gone viral bringing the Syrian Refugee Crisis to the front of the American consciousness. While many have responded with a desire to help and with calls for our government to allow more refugees into the US, many Christians have responded by buying into the fear and hysteria propagated by the far right-wing isolationists who try to convince us that we need to keep our doors closed to refugees this region of the world.

It seems like every time I look at social media I see another tweet or Facebook post bashing Muslims. I’ve seen posts about how Muslims have destroyed European culture, how they are going to come here and rape and murder our women and children, and how this is all part of a grand Islamist plot to infiltrate our and take over our country. I have read numerous calls to keep “these people” out of our country and even why we should hate them.  The problem is that many of the people I see posting this stuff claim to be Christians. The biggest problem I have with these posts is that they are based entirely on fear, yet more than 100 times in the Bible my God tells me “Do not be afraid!”

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How Should We Respond To The Refugee Crisis?


Aylan_Kurdi.jpgThe Picture of little 3yr old Aylan Kurdi’s body laying motionless in the surf, washed up on a beach in Turkey has finally brought the one of the worst humanitarian disasters of our lifetime to the front of the American consciousness. Many people are just learning that in the past 3 ½ years more than 11 million Syrians have been forced to flee their homes due to civil war and the rise of ISIS. Over 4 million have become refugees, mostly in the neighboring countries of Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. Many, Like Aylan’s family, have risked life and limb in the open seas of the Mediterranean in hopes of making a better life in Europe. Thousands have died trying.

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