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Andy Ramos
Executive Director, Cofounder




Andy Ramos has fifteen years of pastoral experience serving church congregations in Illinois, Washington and Texas.  He has a BBA in International Business from the University of Texas at Austin and an MDiv from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois.  Andy has extensive experience working with people of various cultures, ethnicities and socio-econimic backgrounds in the United States and all over the world and specializes in Muslim-Christian Relations.  He has been married to Debbie for 15 years and together they have three wonderful children.  As Executive Director of Urban Catalyst Andy promotes peacemaking and reconciliation among people of different cultures, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds around the world. He is motivated by his faith and his desire to follow in the ways of Jesus the Messiah. 





Brian Hebert
Director of Strategy and Training, Cofounder




Brian has lived overseas for seven years and is an avid traveler and cultural enthusiast.  He has a BA in History of Ideas an MA and doctorate in Inter-cultural Studies.  He as published and presented several articles and papers on immigration, diaspora studies, Arab culture, Islam, and Christian-Islamic relations and is an Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies. He has consulted for non-profit organizations, medical and government personnel, businesses, and individuals in the are of Middle Eastern culture and and world religions.  


Brian has been married for 13 years, is a father of 5 children, an avid woodworker, a back porch musician, and a food blogger.  He currently trains a number of small groups in practicing hospitality with internationals.




Justin Elder
Cultural Specialist


Justin and his family have overseas experience and have been studying Arabic for several years. He has a beautiful wife, Meryl, and they have two very feisty sons. Justin loves other cultures, languages, and connecting with people.

His educational background is in linguistics, and he was a teacher in Houston for five years before he moved to the Middle East.

He is also heading up the new Refugee Employment Advocacy group, which seeks to break down barriers to immigrant success within the employment field, leaning heavily on highly motivated people that can walk them through the process of successful transition to life in America.

An optimist and idealist, Justin simply wants to change the world.


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