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Lissa Waxler

$1,225.00 raised
GOAL: $2,500.00
I am an artist, musician, wife, and mother of three boys. I have been praying for the Middle East, especially Syria, and Lebanon for years.  When I found out our church was partnering with Urban Catalyst to go to Jordan to help Syrian refugees I jumped at the chance. It is hard to leave my husband and sons behind, but I want them to see how important it is to me to help others. 
Two years ago while I was in Jordan, I visited home after home. I would sit in the home of the refugees and be given coffee or tea. There was so much joy on their faces. They were delighted to be giving hospitality, to be in a position of giving after years of only being able to receive.  I also visited a school that was specifically for Syrian refugee children, many of whom are very behind since school stopped when the civil war began. I listened to the laughter happening out in the courtyard during exercises while the Principal told me their main purpose at the school – Love.  He told us that only Love could heal the wounds the children had brought with them. Most of the children have lost a parent. One group of siblings lost both, and can’t speak and are afraid to be outside. These children are the reason I must go back. Making art is a way to let out some of that hurt, and and learn hope for the future. Making art has no language barrier. I want very much to go back to Jordan to use my art to speak Love.
In October I will am planning to go back to Jordan with a team from Urban Catalyst to continue loving and serving these children victims of war. I need to raise $2,500.00 to go back, any donation will help!
Thank you,