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You can be a catalyst for peace and reconciliation among immigrants and refugees in Houston, Jordan and around the world using the power of social media. 100% of the money you raise will be used to empower refugees and immigrants to rebuild their lives after fleeing violence in places like Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan.


How to Start a Fundraiser:

1. Join the Urban Catalyst online community by signing up in the navigation to the right or if you are already signed-up you can login. 

2. Once you have signed-up go to your public profile by clicking on your name in the navigation to the right.

3. Fill in as much of your public profile as you like. Be sure to put something in the box under "Why do you support Urban Catalyst, Inc.?" This is where you can invite people to join with you in supporting the work of Urban Catalyst. 


4. Set a fundraising goal and enter that number in the box under "I will commit to fundraising." This will be your fundraising goal. 


5. Use social media to share your profile [ user name)] and invite people support the work of Urban Catalyst.

As others support the work of Urban Catalyst through your page it will track how you are doing. You can visit your profile page at anytime to see how much you have raised for Urban Catalyst.



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