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In keeping with the spirit of your contribution and in compliance with tax laws, the Board of Directors of Urban Catalyst will exercise discretion and control over the use of your donation for the mission of this organization.

Clint McGowen

$700.00 raised
GOAL: $2,500.00


My name is Clint McGowen and I live in the Denver, Colorado area with my wife and two daughters.  If you know me at all, you will know that I absolutely love being in the heart of other cultures and peoples.  You would also know my heart is very saddened by the horrible injustices that are happening to the people of Syria and beyond at this time.  I cannot imagine going through one day, let alone years of what these people are going through.

But, I also know within the Kingdom of God, there is redemption, reconciliation, rescue and freedom.  And this Kingdom is here and now.  God is without a shadow of a doubt doing unexplainable things with these people that he loves dearly.

I am a Board member of an organization called Urban Catalyst.  As an organization, it is our passion to see God bring peace and reconciliation among people of varying ethnic and cultural backgrounds, such as these Syrian refugees.  As an organization, we are getting more involved with helping Syrian refugees in Jordan, partnering with others doing the same, including trips into Joran to personally meet and help these people face to face.

In February 2017, we will be taking another trip to Jordan to be among these refugees.  We will partner with others on the ground as we deliver much needed aid and food to these people.  We will sit with them, hear their stories, and pray with them.  In essence, we will show them love.  We will also continue to look for opportunities to be engaged with more long-term solutions to help these people.

If you know me, you will also know I am not a person that asks for money.  But for me to go on this trip, I confess I need a bit of help this time.  I am asking for at least $2,000 to be donated towards my trip.  These funds will go directly towards airfare, lodging, food and transportation while in Jordan. 

My heart is grateful for anything you give and even more grateful for your prayers for these people.  I’m happy to talk more about this opportunity with you if needed.  Thanks very much! 


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